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Our Journey

Since inception in 2007, Number 9 Salon has been fueled by a pulse comprised of collaboration, creativity, and customer care.

These values were formed after a short stint in a small hair studio. During that time, Number 9 Salon's founders discovered their hunger to grow something authentic and unique in St. Petersburg. Through a healthy progression in both education and craft experience, Number 9 Salon continues to evolve into the vision that was launched more than a decade ago. The story we continue to aspire to, is complete with industry educators, hairdressers, and next generation talents. It is on a daily basis that the Number 9 team strives to offer residents, and visitors, of St. Petersburg a home in which they can enjoy exceptional cut, color, and styling services. 

Our Mission

At Number 9 Salon, we strive to help each guest discover and cultivate the perfect version of themselves. Between our collaborative team of professionals , our technical excellence, and our complete commitment to you, we offer a relationship like no other; one that is fueled by our creative spirit, embodied by loyalty, and nurtured with high regard.

Every name has a story. This is ours.

What's in a Name?

One night, after we decided to open a salon, we brainstormed to solidify a business name. During our brainstorm, the song “Revolution Number 9” by The Beatles started playing. At the beginning of the song, a man saying “Number 9!” is looped repeatedly. After a few beers, we couldn’t get the “Number 9!” phrase out of our head. Nine was the number of our original studio and the month of September, the 9th month, held many personal significances. With good reason, the name stuck. 


After we decided on the name Number 9 Salon, we found out that the numeral nine's origin has a lot in common with our vision, as a business. In numerology, the numeral nine symbolizes a plentitude of talents, and the totality of the human being. It is also associated with eternity, and serves as the rhythm and development of creation.

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