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Our Legacy

Since inception in 2007, Number 9 Salon has been fueled by a pulse comprised of collaboration, creativity, and customer care.

Our roots trace back to a modest studio, birthing a vision to be St. Petersburg’s beacon of beauty and style. As years turned to decades, our core values remain steadfast, upheld by a team rich in experience, encompassing educators, master stylists, and emerging talents. Every day unfolds a fresh chapter, committed to delivering an unparalleled hair journey for all who grace our doors.

Our Mission

At Number 9 Salon, we believe beauty is a narrative, ever-evolving and deeply personal. Anchored in St. Petersburg's rich tapestry, our dedicated team crafts individualized experiences that blend time-honored technique with modern artistry. Beyond just hair services, we offer a transformative journey—a fusion of trust, art, and unparalleled care

Every name has a story. This is ours.

The Genesis of 'Number 9'

In search of a name that encapsulates our spirit, a serendipitous evening led us to The Beatles' "Revolution Number 9." The chant of "Number 9" transcended music—it became a symbol. Resonating with our inaugural location and the significance of 'nine' in our personal history, our identity emerged: 'Number 9 Salon'.


Delving into 'nine', its resonance became clear. Symbolizing both excellence and transformation, it perfectly mirrors our mission. It stands as a nod to the art of hairstyling, evolving yet timeless, showcasing our commitment to diverse hair aspirations and continuous reinvention in our craft.

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