About Kelsey

Sign? Gemini

Where are you from? I am from a small town about an hour east of Columbus, Ohio.  It’s called Coshocton. I moved here in November of 2015 in hopes of a total lifestyle change. No more commuting and no more winter for me!

Who or what has influenced you? I can’t narrow down any one person or thing that has influenced me.  I feel like I take a little something from everyone that I meet, work along side of and definitely from experiences in my life.  My work does have a French influence. Learning the French method of cutting totally changed the way I look at cutting and styling.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Similar to my influences, my inspiration comes from all around me.  At times I feel inspired by music, colors, and nature.  Other times my inspiration can come from a persons smile, attitude or sense of style.  

Who is your dream client? A dream client for me can’t be narrowed down to one type of person. I love variety and meeting new people!  

Favorite Bumble Product? Hairdressers Invisible Oil. I love it because it detangles, moisturizes and protects with spf. Perfect for anyone who loves being by the pool or going to the beach. Surf Foam Spray Blow-Dry.  It’s light and airy with a touch of texture. 

Favorite Kerestase Product? Powder Bluff. Dry shampoo is a must have on second day hair, adds volume and smells great too! L’croyable Blow Dry. It’s great for smooth blowdries that last and bounce back the next day. 

One Product everyone should have? A leave in conditioner. Health is the foundation to beautiful hair. 

Favorite Local Spot? I enjoy the Hollander, The Canopy, and Swah-Rey.