About Josh

Sign? Libra

Where are you from? SoCal

Who or what has influenced you? My mentors here at Number 9 have been my biggest influences so far. I feel very fortunate to be here, working with, and learning from so many talented people. They all kick ass in their own way and I try to take a bit from each of them.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Just the fact the I’m lucky enough to be excited to go to work everyday is very inspiring. I spend a lot of time outside. Enjoy people watching. Various music scenes have been a big part of what I like for style. Art, painting, and drawing.

Who is your dream client? I’m not sure that I have one. At this point, everyone that I interact with is interesting in their own way. Everyone has a story.

Favorite Bumble Product? Surf Spray. Love the textured beachy look.

Favorite Kerestase Product? Mousse Bouffant for amazing blowouts.

One Product everyone should have? A good hairspray

Favorite Local Spot? Way too hard… Lately it’s been Ozona. But I’m not going to tell you where or what it is.