Sign? Taurus

Where are you from? New Hampshire born, Florida raised.

Who or what has influenced you? My wife, my kids and my family. My team at Number 9, my business coach, and my guests. Hair heroes and the hair gods. Every stylist that has entered my life. Every teacher I have ever had. R&Co’s rock and role vibe. My straight-razor. Oribes effortless glamour.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? The creative energy from my team. Nature. People watching. I don’t really like to follow trends, I prefer to create modern looks that are inspired by my guests features and personal style.

Who is your dream client? Anyone who likes a razor in their hair.

One Product everyone should have? Solid cleansing and conditioning products that are right for your hair type and the current state of your hairs health are a MUST. You can’t do a hell of a lot with hair that has lost integrity. A good clarifying shampoo, use once a week when you feel like you have product buildup and your hair won’t work with you anymore.

Favorite Local Spot? My house